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Battletech Stuff

Battletech is a righteous game formerly published by FASA Corporation. Way back in the dark ages, it was called "Battledroids", but at some point FASA wisely changed the name.  The change probably occurred about the time they wanted to develop supplements (i.e. Citytech and Aerotech).  FASA went out of business and I've lost track of the current property owner.

I have been playing since those dark ages(1), and so I've got lots of designs to work with; more than I'll ever make time to share, I'm sure :)  Note that these are pre-2000 designs, and I've not kept up with the rules since then.

Conflict in the Desert
An adventure idea

Battlemech Variants

Original Battlemech Designs

Original Vehicle Designs

You will quickly note that some of these designs carry many, many LRM-5s.  The simple reason for that, as Bruce Loebrich pointed out to me in 1990 that they are simply more efficient than any other LRM model.  Bruce had a series of mathematical models as proofs, but the crux of the argument was that for any given size LRM volley (5, 10, 15, or 20), groups of LRM-5s will weigh less and on average more missiles will hit compared to larger LRM launchers.  His models also demonstrated that the LRM-15 was a "bad idea".

I've read about many people over the years combining the GURPS role-playing rules with the Battletech boardgame.  While I've never role-played in the Battletech universe, I have done some GURPS Transliterations of Battletech Weapons.

1  "It was BASHCON '86, at the University of Toledo [Toledo, Ohio] and my friend Aaron Keonigseker and I signed up to play a game called 'BATTLEDROIDS' (later revised and renamed 'Battletech').  Aaron had the Shadowhawk, his partner had the Warhammer.  I had the Marauder and Aaron had the Griffin.  By standing in the water, the Marauder got +6 heat dissipation per turn and it was a slaughterfest." [return]

Shadowrun Stuff

In 1989 came the first game that adequately balanced magic and technology while still giving each a distinct set of mechanics. In the years since, Shadowrun has matured and changed, and I've continued to enjoy it.

See also the House Rules and Supporting Cast sections while I add content to this area.

Ultimate Fighting is alive and well in the 2060s, although the rules have changed a bit.

Some notes about our local campaign [ancient] history.

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Car Wars Stuff

Around 1982 or so, Steve Jackson Games published this little black box game called "Car Wars".  It was all down hill after that.  Although, like BattleTech and ShadowRun, I stopped active play in the 1990s.

My name does appear in various Car Wars products, and my official credit is (if I recall correctly), Fifth-Wheel Guard Armor.  I probably don't recall correctly.  I sent SJG something like 15 or 40 pages of ideas around 1986, and that's the only one I know for sure that can be traced directly to me.

House Rules

Compact Car Designs

Vehicle designs inspired by "Dune 2" - a very old computer RTS game

Mutants in Car Wars

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