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Blue Ivy
created January 1996 by P. Rogers
Artwork Copyright 2001 by Jeff Phillips.

Blue Ivy by Jeff Phillips.  Used with permission.ST   12 (20 points)
DX  13 (30 points)
IQ   17 (100 points)
HT  14 (45 points)

Damage: Thrust 1d-1, Swing 1d+2, Punch 1d, Kick 1d+2, Speed 6.75, Move 8, Fatigue 12
Appearance: Female, white, looks 24 (really 21), 5'10", 142 lbs., powder white skin, long chestnut brown hair, soft brown eyes, intricate blue ivy vine tattoo on the left side of her face, neck, torso and leg (see "background section").
Total Points: 670

Appearance:  Beautiful (15 points)
Charisma +1 (5 points)
Eidetic Memory +1 (30 points)
Language Talent +2 (4 points)
Patron: Bonded Telepaths Organization (10 points)
Patron: Supertemps, 9 or less (30 points)
Status +2 (10 points)
Strong Will +1 (4 points)
Unusual Background: Super (50 points)

Duty: Supertemps, 12 or less (-10 points)
Enemy: Various supervillains, 9 or less (-20 points)
Flashbacks (from her drug addict days) (-5 points)
Lecherousness (-15 points)
Pacifism: Cannot Kill (-15 points)
Secret (Identity) (-5 points)
Sense of Duty: To Supertemps (-5 points)

Super Advantages
Damage Resistance +2 (6 points)
Hard to Kill +1 (5 points)
Immortality (Fast Regeneration, Immunity to Disease, Immunity to Poison, Unaging (Can age 10 normal rate in either direction +20%), 93 points)
Pressure Support (15 points)

Powers and Super-Skills
Absorb IQ-17(1) (Leaves mental signature -10%, 13 points)
Psychokinesis-15 (75 points)
     Levitation-16 (2 points)
     Telekinesis-20 (instantaneous +20%, 12 points)
Telepathy-10 (50 points)
     Illusion-23 (affects groups +50%, 24 points)
     Mind Shield-20 (10 points)
     Telereceive-17 (4 points)
     Telescan-17 (4 points)

     Acrobatics-13 (2 points), Bicycling-14 (2 points), Driving (Automobile)-13 (1 point), Guns-15 (1 point), Jumping-14 (2 points), Karate-16 (24 points), Running-13 (2 points), Stealth-12 (0 points)
     Accounting-16 (1 point), Acting-13 (0 points), Administration-11 (0 points), Artist-11 (0 points), Bard-18 (2 point), Chemistry-11 (0 points), Computer Operation-13 (0 points), Electronics Operation/TL7-12 (0 points), Electronics Operation/TL8-12 (0 points), History (Asia)-15 (1/2 point), History (Germany)-16 (1 point), History (Russia)-15 (1/2 point), History (United States)-17 (2 points), Intimidation-17 (1 point), Language (Chinese)*-22 (2 points), Language (English)*-21 (native), Language (French)*-22 (2 points), Language (German)*-22 (2 points), Language (Japanese)*-21 (1 point), Language (Russian)*-21 (1 points), Law-11 (0 points), Linguistics-21* (8 points), Mathematics-16 (1 point), Performance-16 (0 points), Politics-20 (4 points), Savoir-Faire (General)-17 (0 points), Savoir-Faire (United States)-19 (0 points), Sex Appeal-17 (4 points), Strategy-11 (0 points), Streetwise-18 (2 points), Tactics-11 (0 points), Teaching-12 (0 points)
     * include Linguistics and Language Talent bonuses

Compulsive carousing
Doesn't know the full extent of her powers and doesn't care
Likes to dress to show off her tattoo
Anonymously donates money to childrens' help organizations
Wants to earn an M.B.A. from Harvard
Levitates when forced to use stairs (0 points)


     Ivy Malone was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Because of her unusual skin color, she had a hard time. Her parents never quite adapted well, and despite being good Catholics they divorced when she was twelve. She has six siblings; two older sisters, an older brother, and three younger brothers. Her oldest siblings (a sister by 5 years, and a brother by 4 years) blame Ivy for being a freak and causing their parents divorce. Her second older sister (by 2 years) was born with a heart defect which limited her physical activities, and because she was also "abnormal" she and Ivy became close. This relationship suffered a lot during their high school years, however, but in recent months they have found a truce and may someday be friends again.

     Shortly after her parents divorced, Ivy got involved in the drug and alcohol crowd. She discovered loud music, sex, drugs and oddly enough, politics. It was only because of her incredible intelligence that she finished secondary education at all.

     It was during her drug phase that her seeder genes kicked in. She became more resilient to the drugs and alcohol, immune to disease, and developed limited ability to read peoples minds (she also doesn't sun tan or suffer sun burn anymore). She also literally aged quickly into a physically mature woman (much to the delight of her "boyfriends"). Her beauty and charm seemed to make it easy to get what she wanted from the "non-judgmental" crowd she was hanging out with. It was at this time she got the blue ivy vine tattoo she now takes her name from. (The tattoo vine and leaves begin on her forehead, move down the left side of her face and neck, around her left breast to her low back, over her buttocks, around the inside of her left thigh and across the front, a circle around her left calf to end on the top of her foot just short of her toes. The tattoo is an extremely intricate design, artfully blending shades of blues to match her skin tone. (the artist was skill 23)).

     Using her telepathy, she began to learn and understand what people really thought of her. Some of it was positive, other was not. She came to recognize the diversity, not homogeneity, of her "crowd". She discovered that some of the women where there because, like her, they had no self esteem and that some of the men were there just to take advantage of these women (including Ivy). However, she also discovered some friends who genuinely liked her for her intelligence and who she was. She spent more time with these people and for the first time developed a real sense of self-worth.

     One day, when she was 17, she was trying to cheat on an exam at school and she quite inadvertently discovered that her teacher was a low-power telepath of great skill. He immediately closed her out of his mind, but offered to tutor her in her telepathy outside of class. While she was more intelligent than him, he had more experience, education and a strong sense of ethics. Ivy and her teacher developed a mentor-student relationship and he helped Ivy clean herself up and land a scholarship to go to college at New York State University in the U.S.

     At NYSU her beauty, intelligence, and charm overcame many of the prejudices her appearance invoked. (It probably also helped that New York has a high proportion of metahumans). She applied herself to her studies in political science. In her Junior year, she signed on part-time with Supertemps as a TK in their Industrial Division. Because of her language skills, beauty and political science background, they invited her to join the newly opened Supertemps International office in Berlin, Germany. She immediately jumped at the chance, and is finishing her academic studies part-time in Berlin. (She has naturally become quite a hit with the European metahuman pop culture, and never has trouble finding a party or evening companion).

Campaign Role

     Blue Ivy is currently acting as a public relations figure for Supertemps Europe. She is also becoming a prominant figure in the social cultures of Berlin and Paris.


     Ivy is vivacious and friendly. She is extremely intelligent and enjoys being the center of attention without demanding it. She is a natural flirt and an incredible lover.  She has many friends, but strenously avoids long term romantic entanglements.


     Ivy considers her greatest power to be her psionic powers of telepathic illusions and levitation. She considers her TK to be too weak to be very powerful, but has practiced with it so much that the reflexively uses it as a mundane would use an arm and hand. She uses her levitation for mobility.

     Ivy posses remarkable durability. She does not age normally, and is immune to diseases and toxins (including recreational drugs), and can absorb more punishment than one would expect.

Battle Tactics

     Ivy doesn't have any powers well suited to combat. She tries to use her telekinesis or illusion skills to distract or disarm an opponent. If pressured or trying to protect others, she might use her karate. She summons reinforcements using her telepathy, or escapes using her levitation. If she expects a combat situation, she wears at least kevlar, and keeps requesting a suit of medium body armor from Supertemps (PD 4, DR 15).

     Supertemps required her to become proficient with a gun, and she sometimes carries it. She has never been known to point it at anyone, however, even as a joke. She has heard about telekinetics who can squeeze an opponents internal organs causing unconsciousness or death, but Ivy has never tried it, and would only consider doing so under extreme circumstances.

Adventure Seed

     The PCs are in Europe and they need a guide.  The best guide available happens to be Ivy.  She decides she likes one of the male heros, and invites him out for a date.  While on their date, her old enemies at THAMF track her down and ruin the evening.

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Artwork Copyright 2001 by Jeff Phillips. All rights reserved. Used with permission.
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