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This site contains characters and documents related to Brian Wong's Watch Tower superhero campaign.

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Who's Who in the WTU?

Watch Tower 11/97 to 11/98

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Watch Tower

Teen Core

  • Did you know that Kodiak Steel has siblings?  Aeroflat is the youngest of them all.
  • Fujimori.  Master of ancient kung fu secrets.
  • Scanner.  He can hear you coming a mile away.
  • Most supers have a theme to their powers. If Ultra-boy has one, no one can figure it out.
  • Wintermute.  Fujimori's cousin and more than just another pretty face.

Supporting Cast

  • Gary Cody is the Watch Tower liason with the Canadian government.
  • Glorion, a mutant and Pan-European politician and socialite
  • Industrialist and shady businessman Justin Priestly.
  • Niles, the Telepathic Squid and resident chef on the Tower.
  • Stormforce is a weather manipulator blending African anNorse traditions.
  • Virtua. Leader of a small, private Canadian superteam known as Alpha Corps.
  • The Yeltzin family tree.
  • Need a job done right?  Hire Cloverleaf, the Irish mercenary who never fails.
  • The debate remains:  are the steel tendrils extruded from Constrictor's wrists a part of his costume or a natural body part?
  • Freezerburn will cool your heels.
  • Glaive is a petit reporter turned supervillain.  Though she may be small, she's no pushover.
  • Melter is not the most accomplished villain, but he does have a potent heat blast.
  • Amanda Long: supermodel turned corporate magnate turned supervillain when exposed to vast mystic and psychic energies when the NC rescued her from Richter 13. Today she goes by the name Morningstar, and she is forming her own villain group.
  • The Other is as amoral as he is intelligent.
  • Pathfinder.  Born in the US, raised and gained his mystic "bio-energy" powers in Kenya.
  • The Raiders are a mercenary trio from the United States.
  • Europe's most feared terroist group goes by the name Richter 13.
  • The Ripp Twins: Melinda and Jacob.

Heroes for "Dark Watch Tower"

  • Want designer drugs?  Biotack is a living pharmaceutical factory.
  • Iceberg.  "Angry" and "confused" don't begin to describe this young woman.
  • Manequin.  A neurotic young man who hides behind his illusion power.

Other Watch Tower world material


  • A gratuitous link to my 200-point (or less) characters page for Lizard's Super Sentries campaign.
  • Carapace Boy is a Sentry character with a background and everything.


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