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Real Name:  Forbes, Hyram

Origin and Background:  Hyram Forbes has pretty much been a loser all of his life.  After getting busted out of the army at the age of eighteen, hes spent his life in and out of almost every prison in the eastern United States.  During his last stretch in Ryke'rs Island prison three years ago, he underwent a wierd transformation that was a long delayed effect of some nuclear tests he volunteered for while in the Ft. Leavenworth army prison.  Hyram Forbes transformed into the grotesque monster that is now called Behemoth.  The prison cell could no longer contain him, and since then no prision has.

Like Iron Maiden, he spent three years in prison after his defeat by Project: Superhero.  However, unlike Iron Maiden, suffered additional injury and insult.  In the final battle, he was "defeated" when he suffered multiple gunshot wounds to his groin and crotch area, causing permanent disfigurement.  Once in prison, he was not awake and mobile.  Instead he was placed in a form of suspended animation, and when Mastermind rescued him, he was extremely grateful.

Combat Tactis/M.O.:  Behemoth will prefer to remain within the confines of a building so that he may make use of his surroundings (walls, tables, machines, etc.) as weapons.  He tends to lose sight of any other priorities once the fighting starts.  He is likely to use anything on hand, no matter how important it is, as a weapon.  Behemoth loves fighting, but is not accustomed to losing.  

Personality/Character Traits:  Behemoth is a loser with a bad attitude and too much muscle.  He doesn't always take the time to think through things, instead preferring to resolve issues with his muscles, and avoiding situations which can't be solved with his muscles.

Living Legends

 NAME: Behemoth                      AGE: 45  SEX: male  RACE: human
Mutant Power:  Size, Weight and Strength permanently increased
       (bonus included below; 7'4" tall)
Heightened Strength 2 (bonues included below)
Physical Handicap:  Eunuch (incl. possible social reaction modifiers)
LBS: 498     BASIC HITS: 10   CARRY CAP.: 389,062 lbs.
STR: 116     BASIC HTH DAMAGE: 7d10
END: 16      HEALING RATE: 4.0 per day
AGL: 13      
INT: 11 
CHR: 11     

HIT MOD:(6.4)(1.8)(1.3)(1.0)= 14.976
HITS(150):_________ POWER(156):__________________________ MOVEMENT RATES: 145" ground
 WEALTH ROLL: d6    LEGAL STATUS:  record, wanted in the USA

Hero System

STR 70, DEX 18, CON 52, BOD 16, INT 11, EGO 11, PRE 25, COM 6, PD 20, ED 20, SPD 4, REC 24, END 104, STN 80

Knockback Resistance (5); Damage Resistance (15,15); 1/2 PD Damage Reduction; 1/4 rPD, 1/4rED Damage Reduction; Superleap +15", 8 non-combat; +2d6 Hand Attack

+1 general combat level; +1 OCV strike, grab, haymaker; Combat Driving, 13-; TF:  Ground Vehicles

Distinctive Features (ugly, mis-shapen, huge size, not concealable, major reaction); Phys. Lim. (Eunuch); Hunted by PRIMUS, 8-

The character of "Behemoth" as presented here originally appeared in "Death Duel with the Destroyers" published in 1981 by Fantasy Games Unlimited.  All Rights Reserved.  Certain context related changes have been made from the original presentation.
Portions Copyright 1981 Bill Willingham, Fantasy Games Unlimited.  All Rights Reserved.  Copyright 1997, 1998 by Morpheus Unbound.  All Rights Reserved.

V&V/LL transliteration to Hero System performed using conversion notes presented in a number of V&V products. Villains and Vigilantes and Living Legends are Trademark Monkey House Games.
Transliteration from Hero System to GURPS performed using notes from Super System Switching: Converting Hero to GURPS.
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