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Iron Maiden copyright Bill Willingham.  Used without permission.
Above artwork by Bill Willingham. Used without permission.
Originally appeared in the Death Duel with the Destoyers adventure.

Iron Maiden

Real Name:  Stark, Agatha

Origin and Background: Agatha Stark, an Irish immigrant to the United States, is a former NATO scienist specialising in cybernetics.  While she was a competent scientst, she lacked imagiation which resulted in her being laid off during military budget cuts.  Shortly afterwards, she was recruited by Doctor Apocalypse to work on the Doomsday Robot project.  During this time, she designed and built the suit of powered armor that earned her a place in The Destroyers.

When the Destroyers were broken up in 1993 by the Ann Arbor branch of  Project: Superhero, she and Behemoth were sent to jail.  It was there that Mastermind found her and recruited her to work for the Black Legion.

Combat Tactis/M.O.:  She will try to get outside or up to the rooftop where she can make bst use of her jumping ability.  Despite her time with the Destroyers, she still lacks substantial experience against superhuman foes.  She will likely be nervous, leading her to stay close to her allies.  She will always electrify her Disruptor Staff, hoping to disable opponents as quickly as possible.

Personality/Character Traits:  The Iron Maiden has become as hard as her name sake.  Her time in prison was rough, and she wants to control her own destiny.

Iron Maiden by Jeff Phillips.  Used with permission.
Above original artwork by Jeff Phillips .
Used with permission.

Villains & Vigilantes

 NAME: Iron Maiden             AGE: 28   SEX: female  RACE: human
 EXPERIENCE LEVEL: 3           AFFILIATION: Black Legion
 -- Power Armor
      -- Armor ADR 120
      -- Heightened Strength +9
      -- Super Jumping, 32" up, 64" across
 -- Special Weapon:  Disrupter Staff, HTH+3 "to hit", HTH+1d6 damage,
    2d8 Lightning Control carrier attack, PR=1
LBS: 130     BASIC HITS: 3   CARRY CAP.: 177 lbs./667 lbs.
STR: 12/21   BASIC HTH DAMAGE: d4/d8
END: 10      HEALING RATE: 0.75 per day
AGL: 15      ACCURACY: +2, DAMAGE: +1     
CHR: 18      

HIT MOD:(1.2/1.8)(1.0)(1.6)(1.0)= 1.92/2.88

HITS(6/9):_________ POWER(48/57):________________________

BACKGROUND SKILLS:  Cybernetics, robotics
MOVEMENT RATES: 37"/46" ground, 32" vertical jump, 64" horizontal jump

LEGAL STATUS:  record, currently wanted in USA

Living Legends

PHYS 9, REFL 11, DEFT 11, INTL 11, COOL 11, VITL11, Mass 59 Kgs (d4 Mass effect), Fame 2 [64 CP]

Power Armor: Equipment (suit) (-3), Unique (-2)
* Armor Plating: Armor 13 vs All Physical (103), Ablative (-3), Partial Coverage (heavy) (-1) [31 CP]
Servomotors: Heightened PHYS: +9 (9), STR only (-3) [3 CP]
Jump Jets: Leap, 2 horizontal (4), and Speed Bonus (x32) (15), total 64 horizontal and 32 vertical [8 CP]
Power Armor Extra Hit Points: +9 hit points [3 CP]

Disruptor Staff: (Armor 6 vs All Physical, brittle) (free)
Quarterstaff: +2 attack roll, +1 damage roll, +2 parry roll [6 CP]
Power Blast: 1d8 Electromagnetic [electrical] (16), No Range (-3), Carried Attack (quarterstaff) (+2), Equipment (carried) (-2), Unique (-2) [8 CP]
Disruptor Staff Extra Hit Points: +9 hit points [3 CP]
Disruptor Staff Armor: 6 vs All Physical (31 CP upgrade), Misc: Staff only (-5) [11 CP]

Engineering (Cybernetics) (INTL/S) +3 levels, d12 effect [9 CP]
Science: Engineering (Electrical) (INTL/S) +2 levels, d8 effect [5 CP]
Weapon: Quarterstaff (DEFT/G) +1 level, d8 effect [2 CP]

Human Characteristics [+10 CP]
Weakness: Unimpressive -1 level [+5 CP]
Weakness: Quirk (lacks combat experience; stays close to allies; may surrender easily if outnumbered) [+5 CP]

Hero System

STR 14/23, DEX 21, CON 16/19, BOD 9, INT 11, EGO 18, PRE 18, COM 18, PD 8, ED 8, SPD 4/5, REC 7/10, END 32/40, STN 25/35

Armor (18, 18), Act. 14-, OIF:  Battlesuit; Superleap +15", 8x non-combat, OIF:  Battlesuit; +4d6 Hand Attack, OAF: Staff; 8d6 Electrical EB, No Range, 0 End, linked to Hand Attack, OAF:  Staff

+1 level general combat; SCI:  Bionics, 13-; SCI: Biology, 11-; Electronics, 11-; +2 OCV Staff; +1 OCV Superleap

The character of "Iron Maiden" as presented here originally appeared in "Death Duel with the Destroyers" published in 1981 by Fantasy Games Unlimited.  Certain context related changes have been made from the original presentation.
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