Background: This artifact is a cat collar woven from the hairs of a solar, deva and noble djinni.  It is encrusted with gems from the Plane of Earth and pearls from the Plane of Water.  The silver clasp was forged by Moradin himself. The entire thing was woven and assembled by Garl Glittergold.

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Powers: In addition to the permanent powers listed here, the collar has a hanging clasp which holds Mr. Buttons psicrystal when the crystal is not walking around.  If the cyrstal loses its legs, touching it to the clasp resecures it to the collar. As an artifact, the collar is essentially indestructable.
     Permanent Enchantments: The following spells are usable at will, just as if a spell-caster had used permancy on them: darkvision, detect magic, see invisibility, tongues.
     Power Packages: The collar provides the wearer with a number of other abilities, just as if he was wearing the following magic items:

  • Ability Score Enhancement Bonus +4 to each ability (as various items)
  • Elemental Control (Fire) (as ring)
  • Natural Armor +2 (as amulet)
  • Protection +2 (as ring)
  • Resistance +2 (as cloak)
  • Climbing (as ring)
  • Jump (as ring)
  • Striding and Springing (as boots)
  • Psionic Might (as psionic torc)
  • Chameleon Power (as psionic psychoactive skin)
  • Proof Against Detection and Location (as amulet)

The collar requires a 20th level spell-caster and a 10th level psion to create.  It has a construction cost of at least 400,000 gp.  As a minor artifact, it has no market value.

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