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Aspects of Divinity

Honelyn, lesser divine power of light and healing for AD&D.

Horus, a D&D adaptation for any campaign setting and includes the Avenger of Horus classpath.
Order of the Flame sect of the Church of Horus

Isis, a D&D adaptation for any campaign setting
The Stormtroopers of Isis sounds like a rock band, and that might not be too far off. Includes prestige classes.

Forseti is the Norse god of law, order and justice with a sect of nomadic judges called Fighting Monks of Forseti.

Thor, Norse sky-god of thunder, lightning and a strong heart in battle, as he might appear in D&D.

Matters of Class

Fire Sorcerers of Parn offers a sorcerer class variant.
     The tribal warriors favor speed over power and have a barbarian class variant to emphasize this.

The Spectral Archer classpath is for humans who wish they were elves.

Dragons can never get too powerful, and the Dragon Breath Master (OGC) wants to prove it.

The Adventuring Sage (OGC) is like the Expert pumped to PC power level.

Campaign Concoctions

Some thoughts about how "peasant militia" would fit into the average medieval fantasy campaign setting.

Making monsters on the fly is a brief review of how I matched monster stats to very cool minis and ran a pick-up game with some friends one evening when our regular game fell apart.

Creature Feature

Fire Sorcerers of Parn has two new racial templates: Deep Blood Fire Sorcerer and Offspring of Parn.

The "dwarforged" are a variant race for the Eberron campaign setting.

A 3.5e update and expansion of the spellcasting manrats from Creature Collection I by Sword & Sorcery Studios. (PDF) (OGC)

As a general rule, assume that unless something appears in a PDF with the OGL attached, then it is NOT OGC and you may only reuse it if you specifically contact me and ask permission.

The Stormtroopers of Isis have been reused on another website, and I am grateful the site author asked permission :-)

Spells, Powers and Cool Gizmos

The Ring of Substitution is a wonderful and powerful tool for high level spellcasters. (OGC)

The Ring of Divine Service is the divine caster's version of the ring of wizardry. (OGC)

The Weapon Ring is for the perfectly armed warrior.

The War Gauntlets of Phlax Zed, the half-dragon psion.

The Warspear of Phlax Zed is perfect for those love the spear.

The Woodland Guardian is a weapon any elven ranger would be proud to possess.

The Mighty Magic Collar of Mr. Buttons the Deathcat sounds like a tongue-in-cheek magic item, and while this is true it is also a bona fide minor artifact usable by any creature with a neck.

The Wizard Wagon is for when a good day of rest is vital.  Despite the name, this item is not just for spell-casters.

An OGC Extra Smite feat, New Wondrous Items and a number of other single item PDFs. (PDF) (OGC)

A treatise on changing the size of monsters, including the enlarge monster and reduce monster spells. (PDF) (OGC)

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