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Woodland Guardian

The weapon known as Woodland Guardian was crafted 300 years ago by the elven ranger-wizard Lorrellon Brightwine Winterleaf to aid him in his conflict against the demons and undead of the Demonwood forest. Since that time it has remained in his family as a family heirloom. It has a special enchantment that will eventually return it to a member of Lorrellon's direct bloodline should it ever be lost.

Quarterstaff +4 - Hidden Weapon: With a practiced twist, this five foot-long quaterstaff reveals a concealed longsword with a one-foot handle.  The other four feet of staff - the sword sheath - is now a club. The longsword is a +2 keen holy longsword and the club is a +2 returning frost club.  Separating the staff into its component weapons is a draw weapon action, as is resheathing the sword to again have a +4 staff.  While not indestructible, the weapon is Armor Class 9, Hardness 25, Hit Points 25.

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