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A short comment on D&D 4e (c. 2009)
Bleah.  While 4e can be a lot of fun - and a lot of people enjoy it very much - 4e and I will never be friends.  I consider 4e to be a great miniatures game.  Really.  If you look at it like a minis game with RPG elements bolted on, it is a huge success.  Very streamlined, very well balanced (to the point of cookie-cutter) and relatively easy to play.  Even the "role-playing" part is reduced to "skill challenges" (read: dice rolling).  It's as if the entire evolution that was 3e never happened and someone simply figured out what the revised Chainmail was supposed to have been.  I have found peace with my local RPGA groups by playing Dead Thom (mostly because I am having too much fun with the paradigm - and great players - to care about the rules.)  Bleah.

A short comment on D&D 3e/3.5e (c. 2001, revised 2006)
I've played AD&D since 1981. I love the game, but AD&D and D&D have been different games since the 1970s and they still are. The flavor of both is very different.

I think D&D 3.5e (which uses the d20 rules) is an excellent game, and frankly a better game than 2e.  However the slight but significant differences in game mechanic create a very different feel to the game and thus I conside the games to be different beasts despite the similarity in names and the conversion rules published by Wizards of the Coast.

For a long time, I felt that 3e's surrender of the "meta-classes" (Priest, Rogue, Warrior, Wizard) and the resultant loss of specialty priests was a Bad Idea. But, I've been won over by the the introduction of prestige classes, the model of classpaths and the ease of adapting the core classes to fit specific goals.

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