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Fighting Monks of Forseti

A cleric variant class.  The Fighting Monks of Forseti wander the lands investigating crime and dispensing justice.  They act as investigator, judge, jury and executioner.  In lands were Foresti has a strong presance, these Fighting Monks are well known and recognized and operate openly with public support. In other lands, the monks must operate clandestinely.

This variant class receives no armor or shield proficiency, but is otherwise identical to the cleric class. To compensate for this lack of protective training, the Fighting Monk of Foresti receives the bonus feats Improved Unarmed Combat at 1st level.  The Fighting Monk also receives an additional bonus feat at 1st level, and one at levels 4, 8, 12, 16 and 20 drawn from the list of Fighter bonus feats. Typical feats include Dodge, Mobility, Power Attack and Weapon Focus.

Fighting Monks of Forseti often select additional levels as Fighter, Monk or Rogue to improve their efficacy in a specific area of specialty, depending on their personal preferences. Fighting Monks of Forseti can freely multiclass between Cleric and Monk, as long as their Cleric class level exceeds their Monk class level.

Rachael Wolf is an example of a Fighting Monk of Forseti.

Inspired by material in the AD&D 2d edition Complete Priests Handbook

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