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Lord's Falcon

AD&D 2e -- lawful good lesser divine power of healing and light

See also The Complete Priest's Handbook for more information, especially about the granted powers and priestly duties.

AoC: guidance, marriage, medicine and sanitation (especially as regards proper use of heat, light, and open spaces for air circulation)

Honeyln's Avatar Priest 14

Dedicated to peace, the avatar glows with a soothing white light (q.v. Soothing Word power, 20' radius, all the time). She will fight only to defend herself or her followers.

STR 18

DEX 18

CON 18

INT 22

WIS 22

CHA 22

MV 15, 24 f

SZ 5'6"

MR 35%

AC 0

HD 15

HP 120

#AT 1


DMG 1d6+4 (staff) +2

Special Att/Def: Honeyln's avatar carries a staff +4 that has the powers of a staff of striking and staff of curing with 40 charges.  Her avatar can draw spells from the healing, protection and sun spheres. She can cast continual light or sunray (3/day) once per round at will.

The Priesthood

Requirements: Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 9.  If Intelligence or Wisdom exceeds 16, then +5% earned experience points bonus, if both exceed 16, then +10% earned experience points bonus.  Allowed races are elf, half-elf, halfling and human. Priests may be of any good alignment.

Duties of priesthood: Guidance, marriage, teaching others to avoid disease and proper sanitation techniques, teaching about Honelyn. An important component of the priesthood is teaching knowledge that can help avoid disease.

Special Limitations: Priests may not knowingly take the life of a sentient creature. Doing so constitutes a major breach of faith.

Major Access: All, Creation, Divination, Healing, Necromantic, Protection, Sun

Minor Access: Animal, Charm, Guardian, Plant, Summoning, Weather

NWP Required: healing, direction sense

NWP Recommended: herbalism, reading/writing, religion, navigation, spellcraft

WP Required: None

Weapons Allowed: lasso, man-catcher, staff, net, dagger, spear

Armor Allowed: No metal armor or shields

Powers: 1) turn undead, Immunity (+2 save against all poisons and disease), Soothing Words (3/day), 3) Laying Hands, Identification/Analysis of disease and poisons (by spending one round within 10' of someone, the priest can attempt an Intelligence check to determine what disease or poison is affecting a person) (3/day), 7) Charm/Fascinate (as 3d level wizard spell Suggestion, not usable in combat, but can affect HD equal to 2 priest's level) (3/day).


For 3e, Honelyn's domains are: Air, Healing, Sun

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