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According to legend, a millennium ago, the gold dragon Parn designated himself the guardian of a beautiful valley formed in the bowl of a volcano. Naturally, in his perspective, this also made him guardian of the human tribe that lived there.  Over the next century, Parn sired nearly a hundred offspring before disappearing in conflict with a powerful devil.

The Fire Sorcerers are direct descendants of Parn, all gifted with long life and good spirits.  Some few Sorcerers are of chaotic or evil inclination, but these always leave the tribe and the evil ones are hunted as pariahs.

Most Sorcerers are content to stay in the valley, but many also get wanderlust and organized expeditions into the outside world (and the elemental plane of Fire) occur on a regular basis.

It is rumored that Parn still lives, and that he occasionally visits his offspring to see what they are doing. His children are lead by his daughter Ferena Firesong.

Game Mechanics: Fire sorcerers are descended from both human and dragon, although their blood has become mixed and diluted by further human lineage over the centuries.

Deep Blood Fire Sorcerer is new inherited racial template that can be added to any human creature. Deep Blood Fire Sorcerers gain the same racial abilities of Half-Elves, including longevity. Their young mature as humans but then age as half-elves.  When determining height and weight, use the humans table and add 2" and 15 lbs. 
     Deep Blood Fire Sorcerers have inate spell-casting ability of 1st-level Sorcerers, this stacks with any class levels of Sorcerer the character takes later. Deep Blood Fire Sorcerers can progress in levels and classes normally, with sorcerer always being a favored class (in addition to the normal favored class benefits of humans).  Any class levels in Sorcerer stack with their bonus 1 level in the class to determine caster level-related benefits.  Their spells are drawn only from the list provided here. It is a special list to represent their thousand year focus on fire magic and the fire-magic of their bloodline.
     The Level Adjustment of the Deep Blood Fire Sorcerer template is +2.

It is only a small number (perhaps 8 to 11 percent) of the tribe that are Deep Blood Fire Sorcerers.  The rest of the tribe are Offspring of Parn. Offspring of Parn is an inherited racial template that can be added to any human creature. Add 20 years to life span due to mingling with the dragon bloodline.  Offspring of Parn with Intelligence or Wisdom of 8 or better can cast dancing lights, flare and light each once per day as a 1st level sorcerer.  Like the Deep Bloods, if they take levels in the sorcerer class, they use the special spell list provided here. This template has a Level Adjustment of +0.

The Deep Blood Fire Sorcerer and Offspring of Parn templates are mutually exclusive, a creature cannot have both templates.

The tribe of fire sorcerers have few true Fighters, instead their Warriors value speed and personal endurance over heavy weapons and armor.
     Their elite warriors use a variant on the Barbarian class. they are literate.  They cannot rage, but do gain a class bonus to Initiative equal to the number of times per day they would rage (i.e. +1 at 1st level, +2 at 4th level, to +6 at 20th level).  Greater Rage, Indomitable Will, Tireless Rage and Mighty Rage are each replaced by a +1 Dodge bonus to AC when wearer no armor, Light armor or Medium armor (Dodge bonuses stack). They do not gain DR, but instead their Fast Movement ability increases by +5 ft. each time they would gain DR (i.e. +5 ft at 7th level, +10 ft. at 10th level, to +25 ft. at 19th level).

While the bulk of the adventuring type of the tribe are either Fire Sorcerers or warriors, (and by far more than 70% of the tribe are relatively mundane agricultural or scholarly types (Commoner or Expert)) the tribe does occasionally spawn other adventurers.  The tribe has few rogues, who find little sport in the wilderness. Druids and rangers are common, and bards are well appreciated as they keep the lore of the tribe.

Parn adventurers who are not Fire Sorcerers do gain the extra feat granted to humans, but do not gain the extra skill point at each level.

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Cantrips: arcane mark, dancing lights, detect magic, flare, light, mage hand, open/close, prestidigitation, read magic, resistance

First level: burning hands, dehydrating ray (as ray of enfeeblement), endure elements, faerie fire, flaming weapon (as magic weapon, fire sfx), mage armor, magic missile (fire sfx), obscuring smoke (as obscuring mist), protection from evil, summon monster I (fire sfx)

Second level: continual flame, daylight, fire gazing (as augury), flame blade, flaming sphere, glitterdust, heat metal, hypnotic flame (as hypnotic pattern), levitate, produce flame, pyrotechnics,  resist energy (cold or fire only), summon monster II (fire sfx)

Third level: explosive runes, fireball, flame arrow, fly, glyph of warding, greater flaming weapon (as greater magic weapon, fire sfx), magic circle against evil, protection from energy (fire or cold only), resist elements, searing light, smoke form (as gaseous form), summon monster III (fire sfx)

Fourth level: fire trap, holy smite (fire sfx), lesser planar ally (elemental fire only), quench, protection from elements, solid smoke (as solid fog), summon monster IV (fire sfx), wall of fire

Fifth level: contact other plane (elemental fire only), consumption (as disintegrate), fire shield, flame gate (as teleport without error only between  large fires), flame strike, immolate living creature (as slay living), summon monster V (fire sfx)

Sixth level: animate fire (as animate object), fire seeds, greater glyph of warding, planar ally (elemental fire only), summon monster VI (fire sfx)

Seventh level: delayed blast fireball, destruction, finger of fiery death (as finger of death), fire storm, limited wish, summon monster VII (fire sfx), sunbeam

Eight level: greater planar ally (elemental fire only), holy aura (fire sfx), incendiary cloud, summon monster VIII (fire sfx), sunburst

Ninth level: elemental swarm (elemental fire only), gate, meteor swarm, wish, summon monster IX (fire sfx)

Note: The various planar ally spells can also be used to call gold dragons, as appropriate.

Note: For the summon spells, the "fire sfx" descriptor means that there is a fire effect component. Typically this means that the summoned creature is either from the Elemental Plane of Fire, is a gold dragon, or that some or all of its body is sheathed in (non-damaging) flames.  If the spell is cast using a spell slot one level higher, the creature can be wrapped in hot flames (+1d6 fire damage to each attack just as a flaming weapon, and fire resistance 5).

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