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War Gauntlets of Phlax Zed

Originally worn by the (half-human/half-white-dragon) psion egoist Phlax Zed, these psionic gauntlets cover the entire forearm between the elbow and hand, but end just before reaching the fingers.  Thus, the fingers are free for manifesting touch powers (e.g. dissolving touch) or spell-casting with no arcane spell failure chance. The gauntlets are made of mithril and bronze dragon hide.

The gauntlets provide a +2 deflection bonus to the wearer's AC (q.v. ring of protection), and grant damage resistance 5/+1 (q.v. invulnerability enchantment for magic armor).  The gauntlets also give the wearer proficiency with all spears (halfspear, shortspear and longspear) (there is no benefit if the wearer is already proficient).  These gauntlets are treated as any other gauntlet if used in unarmed melee.

 Market Price: 30,000 gp

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