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Isis is the goddess of magic, but also healing and water.  She is the wife and sister of Osiris and it was through her healing magic that Osiris was restored to life after Set slew him. Isis rewards those who create new and interesting magic items.

Diety Alignment:   Neutral Good

Clerical Domains: Good, Healing, Magic, Water

Typical Worshipers: Women, healers, sorcerers, wizards

Material adapted from various sources, including Dragon #283, May 2001.

Historically, Isis is a nature goddess whose worship, originating in ancient Egypt, gradually extended throughout the lands of the Mediterranean world during the Hellenistic period and became one of the chief religions of the Roman Empire. The worship of Isis, combined with that of her brother and husband Osiris and their son Horus, was enormously resistant to the influence of early Christian teachings, and her mysteries, celebrating the death and resurrection of Osiris, were performed as late as the 6th cent. a.d. The functions of many goddesses were attributed to her, so that eventually she became the prototype of the beneficent mother goddess, the bringer of fertility and consolation to all. She was the daughter of the sky goddess Nut and the earth god Geb. Her symbol was a throne and later the cow, and she was frequently represented with a cow's head or cow's horns. During the Hellenistic period, her image outside of Egypt became increasingly Hellenic, with ideal features and locks framing her face. Isis was also a goddess of magic, and legends tell of her ability to counteract evil by casting spells. See R. E. Witt, Isis in the Greco-Roman World (1981).


For another adapation of Isis, see Fidjlin's  Empire of Sand Egyptian D&D campaign setting.  Here is their adaptation of Isis, including notes for Greyhawk and Forgotten Realms.

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