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Wizard Wagon

The original Wizard Wagon was created by a powerful group of adventurers who were constantly on the move.  Several members were spell-casters and they needed a stable, quiet environment to rest and meditate even while moving to the next location.

On the outside, the wagon appears as any other large horse-drawn hard covered wagon. The interior however is slightly smaller than it should be.  The interior is magically self-contained from the outside and once the door is closed those inside experience a silent non-moving room regardless of what happens outside.  The interior temperature and humidity are also constrained to a comfortable level.  Thus, spell-casters can meditate and anyone can sleep in complete comfort.  A speaking tube at the front and back of the wagon provide communication between the inside and outside.

More elaborate versions of the Wizard Wagon include additional space enchantments such as beds that grow larger when the curtains are drawn (expanding into a pocket dimension on the Ethereal plane, for example).

The standard Wizard Wagon is no more durable than a normal hard shell wooden wagon, and the stabilizing enchantments are suspended if the walls are breeched from either inside or outside.

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