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Bill Willingham's Destroyers

As best I've been able to learn, The Destroyers were created by Bill Willingham in the early 1980's.  They appeared as a supervillain group in a comic book by Bill, and also in an adventure book for the Villains & Vigilantes RPG titled Death Duel with the Destroyers.

Contained here are strict transliterations to Hero System / Champions, 4th edition, from the Revised V&V stats presented in Death Duel with the Destroyers.  Transliterations based on notes in the adventure book Search for the Sensai, but also contained in a number of Revised V&V adventure books.  (A "strict transliteration" is sort of like a "rigid approximation" so bear with us here.)

Annihilator, leader

Shapeshifter, deputy leader



Iron Maiden


Michael Thompson and Albert Deschesne pass along this information:

They were indeed created by Bill Willingham in the early 80s. They were used in the first 4 or 5 issues of Elementals, an incredibly good comic featuring 4 people who died horrible deaths and were resurrected by Elemental spirits to fight the good fight. They were Morningstar (fire powers), Monolith (stone body and super strength), Fathom (liquid body, water control), and Vortex (leader, had flight and air control powers). They were employed by a supernatural villain named Saker (Dr. Apocalypse in V&V) and were the first villains the Elementals fought. Iron Maiden died at the end of their first encounter, but the armor, which was of alien origin, took over a scientist investigating it. The Destroyers appeared individually or in small groups throughout the first run of the book. Origins were all different from the V&V versions.

Annihilator (aka Zorbac Ar Torrester, exiled General of the Zorn Empire)

Zorbac Ar Torrester was a General in the Zorn Empire until a failed attempt to overthrow the emperor exiled him to the backwater planet Earth.  On Earth, he reached an agreement to lead the Destroyers in exchange for help in returning home to exact his revenge.  His combat leadership style is extremely relaxed, as he realizes that the Destroyers are capable combatants, and they don't need him telling them how to fight.  He tends to lose himself in a fight, and will not surrender even if the other Destroyers have been defeated.

STR 22, DEX 30, CON 24, BODY 11, INT 13, EGO 17, PRE 24, COM 10, PD 8, ED 10, SPD 6, REC 9, END 48, STUN 34

Force Field:  EC - Force Fields; a) Force Wall 10 rPD, 10rED, 1/2 End; b) Force Field 10 rPD, 10 rED, 1/2 End; Power Blast:  Energy Blast, 14d6, 1/2 End; Disintigration Ray:  RKA, 5d6-1; Flight: 24", 16× non-combat multiplier, 0 End; Regeneration:  2 Body/turn; Running +6"

Aerobatics, 15-; Bribery, 14-; Bureaucratics, 14-; Combat Piloting, 15-; Electronics, 11-; Familiarity: Conversation, 11-; Familiarity:  Interrogation, 11-; Familiarity: Paramedic, 11-; Familiarity:  Persuasion, 11-; High Society (Zorn), 14-; KS:  Zorn History, 11-; KS:  Earth Military, 11-; Language (Zorn Tradespeak); Language (Earth English); Language (native); Oratory, 14-; Systems Operation, 12-; Tactics, 15-; TF:  Space Vehicles, Small Ground Vehicles; +2 levels all Combat

Hunted by Pure Earth League, 11-; Hunted by Metropolitan Extra-Terrestrial Enclave, 8-; Hunted by United Nations Tribunal on International Law, 8-; Hunted by Special American Tactics, 8-; Psychological Limitation:  Will not surrender; Psychological Limitation: Megalomania; Secret ID; Enraged, 8- in combat, recover 11-

Shapeshifter (aka Sandra Montouri)

Sandra Montouri wasn't born rich, but her intelligence granted her several academic opportunities and she spent most of her adult life acquiring good taste, money and stolen paintings in Europe.  Now, she commands one of the world's largest trade and industrial corporations.  She gained her powers in an industrial accident.  She is utterly ruthless, both in and out of combat, and won't hesitate to use innocent bystanders as hostages or kill her opponents.  Her wealth and business contacts could make her a dangerous foil.  Her one true love is her collection of paintings, including many Renaissance originals.  If her paintings are threatened, she may be willing to negotatiate (at least until the paintings are safe).

STR 15, DEX 24, CON 22, BODY 9, INT 19, EGO 14, PRE 18, COM 18, PD 24, ED 24, SPD 5, REC 7, END 44, STUN 28

Shapeshifting:  Shapeshift, any, 0 End; Growth +6 levels, 0 End, linked to Shapeshift; Shrinking, +2 levels, 0 End, linked to Shapeshift; HKA, 1d6 (2d6 w/STR), linked to Shapeshift; Stretching:  Stretching, 10", 8× non-combat multiplier, 0 End; Invulnerability:  Damage Resistance 24 rPD, 4 rED.

Breakfall, 14-; Bureaucratics, 13-; Climbing, 12-; Conversation, 13-; Familiarity:  Deduction, 11-; Familiarity: Disguise, 11-; Familiarity: Gambling, 8-; Familiarity:  Mimicry, 8-; Familiarity: Seduction, 11-; High Society, 14-; KS:  Art, 13-; KS:  Financial Markets, 13-; Language (English); Language (German); Language (Spanish); Oratory, 13-; Persuasion, 14-; PS:  Accountant, 13-; PS:  Art Dealer, 13-; Tactics, 13-; TF:  Small Ground Vehicles; +1 level overall; +1 level HTH; several Contacts; Money (Filthy Rich)

Secret ID; Watched by Corporate America, 8-; Hunted by Federal Bureau of Investigation, 8-

Behemoth (aka Hyram Forbes)

Hyram Forbes has been a loser most of his life.  He has also spent a majority of his life in one prison or another since being thrown out of the United States Army at the age of eighteen.  He underwent a strange transformation while incarcerated at Rykers Island; the result of some experiments he volunteered for three years earlier at Fort Leavenworth army prison.  [Editors Note:  This transliteration has been given Damage Reduction in an effort to simulate the huge amounts of damage that he can absorb in the V&V version.  It was felt this would better represent the effect than outrageous values for Body and Stun.]

STR 66, DEX 18, CON 52, BODY 13, INT 11, EGO 11, PRE 12, COM 4, PD 26, ED 20, SPD 4, REC 22, END 104, STUN 70

Growth, +1 level, 0 End, Persistant, Always On, Hard to Dispel +4; Superleap, +0", 8× non-combat multiplier; Running, +12"; +3d6 Presence Attack; Damage Reduction, 1/4 PRE; Damage Reduction, 1/2 rPD; Damage Reduction, 1/2 rED.

Combat Driving, 13-; Electronics, 11-; Familiarity:  Bugging, 8-; Familiarity:  Criminology, 8-; Familiarity:  Forgery, 8-; Familiarity:  Tactics, 11-; Gambling, 13-; Lockpicking, 13-; Streetwise, 13-; TF:  Small Ground Vehicles; WF:  Small Arms Group, Common Melee Weapons; +1 level all combat

Distinctive Features (7' tall, ugly, pink skinned); Hunted by Federal Bureau of Investigation, 8-; Hunted by United States Army, 8-; Enraged, 8- in combat, recover 11-; Enraged, 14- if Stunned or knocked unconscious, recover 8-; Enraged, 8- if losing a fight, recover 11-

See also the version of Behemoth for the Morpheus Unbound adventure The Legion Strikes!

Electrocutioner (aka Carlton Path)

Carlton Path was a college anthropology student studying the Tseltal Indians of Campeche, Mexico.  He was participating in a ritual ceremony when the group called out to discover his Totem and he was killed by a blast of lightning.  By the time his body was returned home to Wisconsin, USA, he was alive again with strange and powerful abilities.  Path could realistically be described as a coward.  However, his courage is bolstered by the presence of his teammates (at which time, he will fight effectively) and his unrequited love for Shapeshifter.  Whenever Shapeshifter is around, he will say and do things in an effort to look heroic (which results in him looking comical).

STR 20, DEX 21, CON 19, BODY 10, INT 11, EGO 11, PRE 12, COM 12, PD 8, ED 8, SPD 5, REC 8, END 38, STUN 30

Lightning Control:  EC - Lightning Control; a) Energy Blast, 9d6; b) Energy Blast, 5d6, Damage Shield; c) Force Field 10 rPD, 15 rED; d) 2d6 Major Transform (inanimate electronic machine to machine under his control), Cumulative, Reduced by Range; Flight:  Flight, 10", 2× non-combat multiplier; Teleportation:  Teleport, 20", 128× non-combat multiplier

Computer Programming, 12-; Electronics, 11-; Familiarity:  Tactics, 11-; KS:  Archaeology, 12-; Language (English); Language (Spanish); +1 level all combat

Secret ID; Hunted by Federal Bureau of Investigation, 8-; Psychological Limitation:  Coward.

Iron Maiden (aka Agatha Stark)

Agatha Stark was a competent, but not brilliant, NATO scientist who lost her job in budget cutbacks.  Despondent and disgruntled, she was recruited by the Destroyers to work on their Doomsday Robot project (a 60' tall robot intended for use in a blackmail scheme).  While working on the robot, she also built herself a suit of battlearmor and earned herself a position with the Destroyers.  She has very little real combat experience, and is likely to lose her cool and surrender if isolated from her teammates.

STR 13/22, DEX 18, CON 15/18, BODY 9, INT 9, EGO 18, PRE 18, COM 20, PD 6/7, ED 6/7, SPD 4, REC 6/8, END 30/36, STUN 24/30 (value after the / is when wearing battlearmor)

Cybernetic Battlearmor (OIF):  increases STR and CON (do increase figured characteristics) as noted above; Armor 18 rPD, 18 rED, Activate 15-; Superleap, +0", 16× non-combat multiplier; Disruptor Staff (OAF):  +8d6 electrical energy Hand Attack, 0 End.

Computer Programming, 12-; Electronics, 14-; Familiarity:  Acrobatics, 8-; Familiarity:  Tactics, 11-; Inventor, 12-; KS:  Cybernetics, 12-; KS:  NASA, 8-; Mechanics, 12-; SC:  Cybernetics, 14-; SC:  Metallurgy, 12-; TF:  Small Ground Vehicles; WF:  Staff; Weaponsmith (Muscle-powered weapons, Energy Weapons), +1 level all INT-based skills

Secret ID; Hunted by United Nations Tribunal on International Law, 8-

See also the version of Iron Maiden for the Morpheus Unbound adventure The Legion Strikes!

Ratman (aka Edward M. Fink)

Fink became Ratman when he subjected himself to his own illegal rodent DNA experiments.  When his research was discovered, he was discredited and run out of the medical profession.  He is a dirty fighter, and will avoid direct confrontation in favor of ambush and treachery.

STR 28, DEX 27, CON 27, BODY 9, INT 15, EGO 16, PRE 22, COM 10, PD 12, ED 12, SPD 6, REC 11, END 54, STUN 37

Running, +2"; Proportional Rat Strength and Agility:  as noted above; Rat Senses:  +4 all Perception rolls; Rat Claws:  HKA, 1d6+1 (3d6-1 w/STR); Rat Fangs:  HKA, 1d6-1 Armor Piercing (1d6+1 w/STR); Whiplash Tail (Cybernetic Implant):  8d6 AVLD (Power Defense), No Range, 1/2 End

Acrobatics, 14-; Computer Programming, 12-; Familiarity:  Tactics, 11-; KS:  Rodents, 12-; Paramedic, 12-; SC:  Genetics, 13-; +1 level all combat; +1 OCV Claws, Fangs and Whiplash Tail, TF:  Small Ground Vehicles

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