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  1. Illusion Casting.  This package is a character who can create highly believable illusions.  Combined with Eidetic Memory and a high PER roll, the character can study and reproduce images or experiences.
  2. The Unstoppable Killing Machine.  Not quite unstoppable (Hero System doesn't support that), but this one will be very persistant, as it has at least some defense against every attack, and its varied defenses protect it against most NNDs and AVLDs.  To increase it's durability, simply increase the defenses.
  3. Force Manipulation. This package was inspired by Green Lantern (of DC Comics)
  4. Imaginary Limbs.  This is the classic "casual telekinesis" not often seen in comics, but occassionally seen in science fiction or fantasy.  With this power, the character can casually  manipulate multiple small objects simply by thinking about it.
  5. Energy Arc.  By swinging his arm in a wide arc, the character generates an energy trail which expands outward from him striking several targets.
  6. The Shrinking Giant.  This power set was inspired by Marvel Comics Tower and Amalgam Comics Elasti-Girl, among others.  This power set lets a six foot tall character vary her height from 4.5 inches to 24 feet tall.
  7. Forever Six-tons:  This power set represents a character whose mass (weight) never changes, but his size does. The character could be naturally heavy and grow to reduce density, or naturally tall (perhaps an alien race) and shrink to increase mass. One or more levels of Hard to Dispel would also be appropriate, especially for alien races.
  8. Spider-Webbing: The character can emit a sticky web-like substance from some part of his body. Typically this will be near the wrists or from the mouth.
  9. Sentinel Prime (Cheap) (100 point package):  The sentinel prime is a cybridized human.  In story terms, this package can easily be added to any normal human or alien, to turn them into an efficient fighting machine.  The sentinel looks completely human, even to the point of passing medical examination, except when he uses his powers or abilities, at which point various circuits, power cables, conduits, metal plates, and other cool cyborg parts are revealed as if the skin were translucent.
  10. Sentinel Prime (Average) (200 point package)
  11. Sentinel Prime (Advanced) (300 point package)

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