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Way back in 1982 a small company called Hero Games put out a blue box with a slim grey book inside.  The role-playing game world was changed forever as Champions and Hero System have consistently redefined both game mechanics and genre.  

I got started with Champions in 1983, and you can imagine that we've created a lot of works.  Our works include fiction, adventures, characters and occasionally artwork.  The boxed set came with six green d6, and I still use all of them today.

[ Taka MacLeod adds that the 1st edition of Champions rule book was blue and that I am describing the 2d edition with the gray cover.  The 1st edition included a description of Icicle that stated that Icicle was a young girl, and a picture of a guy with ice powers (Icicle in the gray book has a picture of a young girl).  The 1st also had a wrap around picture on the cover were the 2nd edition had the same front as 1st but it had a SPD chart and such on the back.

I'd love to see a copy of that book. Even just a scan of the cover... ;-) ]

All of the material on this site is free, so enjoy!

Welcome to Morpheus Unbound's Circle of Heroes Page  This page is a subset of my site, designed specifically for those who enjoy the Champions superhero RPG and the Hero System.

I've been playing Champions for decades, and have invested many, many well spent hours in that great game.  I'm constantly adding material to this site.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

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Hero System Supporting Cast.  Characters by Morpheus Unbound

Plug-in Powers, power packages for those times when you need to create a character quickly.

What Rough Beast?, an adventure by John Sullivan reprinted and modified from Adventurer's Club #3, 1983.

The Legion Strikes!, an adventure by Anthony Pryor reprinted and adapted from Pegasus #10, 1982.

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