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A Day at the Computer Show

One-shot scenario.

The annual computer convention is this weekend. There will be big wigs and media people from all over. Several prominent industry leaders will be speaking. Someone even invited Ms. Fist to speak on computer security. They were sure she would tele-conference in. However, the government of [ ] just named Ms. Fist as an ambassador and her diplomatic immunity means she can attend in person. Afraid her presence will scare people away from the show (and more afraid to withdraw their invitation) the convention organizers beg the local superhero team to publicly attend "just for the publicity." An unintended side effect is that about 2000 more people than expected show up just to see all the supers.

During the conference, Ms. Fist will be unflappably polite and courteous. It helps that she has two mundane assistants and a mundane bodyguard to handle annoying people. She will be attending the conference only one day. She will be happy to discuss computers, and will try to steer all conversations back to the computer show. She has strong opinions but won't get more than mildly annoyed by anything (and won't be baited into conflict). She will even sign autographs for starry eyed teenagers.

Meanwhile, living in a cave the past month are the troublemakers of this scenario. Halfjack's Masters of Disaster are going to raid the conference and steal as much equipment and software as possible. They also plan to kidnap a famous industry speaker or two. They have no idea the heroes are there and did not get the last minute schedule change forms.

Thus, the HMOD enter the dealer room at the time they think everyone will be in conference sessions. However, everyone is in the dealer room. This makes this very complicated:

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