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Adventures in Fine Dining

The famous European politician Glorion (q.v. They Might Be Characters Volume 2) is coming to town and some of the local heroes have been invited as guests at a dinner function.  Joining Glorion will be Devil and Elegance at the dinner.  Elegance is his assistant and will handle the PR and such arrangements and Devil will stand nearby looking intimidating.  The heroes [probably] should not know Glorion's secret association with Richter 13.

Halfjack gets the idea to kidnap Glorion and hold him for ransom.  The Masters of Disaster will also rob all the rich people present.

Steeplejack and Fireflash each grab a local dignitary as a hostage.  Halfjack and another MoD will grab Glorion and hold him.  Glorion will signal to Devil and Elegance to wait the danger to civilians is too high for them to act.  Glorion wants to see how the local heroes handle the situation.

If things look bad for the MoD, they will concentrate on getting away with Glorion.  Glorion will go peacefully as he is confident he could mop up these bozos if necessary (and will plan to do so once a safe distance away and no civilians will get hurt).  Glorion also knows that Devil can carry Elegance and pursue the villains pretty much anywhere.

Remember, the world views Glorion as a respectable European statesman and will expect the heroes to do the same.  If they don't, they will be in for ridicule and suspicion against them, not Glorion.

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