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I have combined the two because Jeff Dee is author or co-author of both, and although mechnically different, they share a common campaign setting.  Several pages here actually use "V&V Rules Upgrade" rules, which derived from the early drafts of what eventually became LL.  For many years, Jeff Dee and Jack Herman had been unable to obtain the rights to the V&V brand, so Jeff retooled the V&V Upgrade rules and posted them on his site for free in 1998 (see link below).  LL went on to become an entirely new game using completely different mechanics.

In 2010, Jack and Jeff regained ownership of Villains & Vigilantes, republishing the core book and launching a new line of supplements with their new company, Monkey House Games.  Official statements are that all supplemental material will contain both V&V and LL game stats, so the same world can continue to be enjoyed using either (or both!) game systems.

Villains & Vigilantes is the brain child of Jeff Dee and Jack Herman. They released the industry altering Revised Villains & Vigilantes game in 1982 and it has been a standard to which all other superhero games are measured ever since.

Jeff released Living Legends in 2005.  He is including many of the old villains and personalities in the new game, and there is an active conversion group on Yahoo.

V&V is great for medium powered superhero gaming and has easy to use and understand game mechanics.

I have been playing since about 1984 and owns many of the source books and published supplements.

Some of the material appearing here was contributed or inspired by others.  I appreciate their work and have attempted to give all appropriate credit.

Community Campaign Mechanics

Monkey House Games Website
The official home of the Villains & Vigilantes and Living Legends universe

Supporting Cast
Many original characters and some updates and modifications to old classics.

Power Stubs (V&V)
Some ideas for powers when your stuck or in a hurry.
(PDF Version)

Yahoo! Group for Living Legends

Yahoo! Group for V&V

Art Gallery of published V&V materials

Who Where
An index for published V&V characters.

Ninety + (V&V)
Hit Point Modifiers for the ultra-powerful.

Defining Normal
Every game universe will have different power levels.

House Rules (V&V)
A smasttering of home grown rules and ideas.

Buy the official V&V/LL tabletop minis

UNIGames Website

Fantasy Games Unlimited Website

Aberrant V&V
A combination campaign setting and rules variant sourcebook.

Jeff Dee's "V&V Rules Upgrade" from 1998.  Sometimes refered to as "Advanced V&V" - it adds a skill system and point-buy character generation to V&V.
(traces can still be found throughout this site)

Adventure stubs:

The Legion Strikes
Inspired (and blessed) by Anthony Pryor.

A Day at the Computer Show

Adventures in Fine Dining

Daylight Diamond Heist

Mollusk Men on Vacation

"Unofficial Living Legends Companion"  - a PDF compilation of rules, corrections, commentary, expansions and Jeff Dee art for Living Legends.

It includes my complete Alternate Skill Cost Method rules previously published as a separate document, and is updated frequently.


Conversions of two Justifiers RPG vehicles to V&V.

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